The Pattern That Connects —A Passion for Integration

Freedom Becomes You is a project born out of my passion for conversation. Specifically conversation with the best and brightest minds I can find, who are actively involved in integration. These are the innovators —those bold enough to follow their passions and perceive the underlying patterns that connect different disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, anatomy, movement, meditation, fitness, yoga, dance, and the communication art form we call teaching.

In so doing they are evolving those disciplines and penetrating the mysteries of what it is to be human. My fascination with that unfolding process of evolution drives me to seek out these thinkers, these movers and shakers, these synthesizers of objective scientific rigor and subjective experiential process, and take their temperature on what it is to be human right now on this planet and in this cosmos.

The insights, inspirations, information and relationships we discuss can rarely be reduced to sound bytes —so the conversations are luxurious in their length and unstructured exploratory tone.

In addition to these full length exclusive interviews, I will be sharing articles on the central topics I explore with my guests, previously unpublished excerpts from my own more in-depth writing, and have a series of courses planned much further down the line.

I look forward to seeing you here at FreedomBecomesYou soon and often!

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