The First Wave: 7 Exciting & Exclusive Interviews!

I am delighted to begin unfolding our first wave of interviews here at FreedomBecomesYou!

In the past couple months I thoroughly enjoyed fun and stimulating Skype conversations with Matthew Remski, Jill Miller, Rick Hanson, Jules Mitchell, Elisha Goldstein, Chelsea Roff, and Ted Meissner.


rick-hansonRick Hanson is an author (Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness) and teacher at the really exciting forefront of integrating Buddhist psychology and meditation practice with our deepening understanding of the brain via neuroscience. Getting to have an extended conversation with him was a journey not only into a mind-and-heart-expanding shared meditation, but gave me a privileged front row seat to his extremely agile and knowledgable brain as we discussed evolution, empathy, suffering and self-directed neuroplasticity.


jill-miller-headJill Miller is the creator of Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method®. She has developed a signature approach to embodied health by integrating yoga, self-massage, and fitness —she is one of the true cross-over pioneers in this field who boldly breaks the rules in order to find out what actually works. Jill and I have a shared history that reaches back more than 20 years to our studies with another yoga iconoclast, Ana Forrest.




Jules Mitchell has used the lens of her Masters Degree in Science to explore the biomechanics and physiology of stretching, joint stability and functional strength in ways that challenge several core assumptions in the yoga community, whilst creating an approach to the practice which follows the evidence. Her warmth, intelligence and open-ness really comes across beautifully in our interview.



ted-meissner-headTed Meissner is the founder of an organization called Secular Buddhists, which offers a non-religious approach to exploring the benefits of meditation practice. Like other atheist and agnostic Buddhists, he points out that the journey of self-inquiry and awareness outlined need not imply specifically religious beliefs of any kind. Ted is as compassionate, sane and reasonable a person as I have talked to on these topics.



elisha-headElisha Goldstein is a psychotherapist who includes mindfulness-based concepts and practices in his approach to freeing people from suffering and connecting them to well-being. He works with families and individuals, and has a wonderfully down to earth and present way of sharing his journey and ideas.




chelsea-headChelsea Roff created Eat, Breathe, Thrive —an organization that uses yoga and meditation as a complementary to treatment for eating disorders. Her story of almost dying from a stroke caused by anorexia at 15 to reclaiming her body, life and emotional well-being, and the ways in which it has inspired her work in the world is captivating and profound. She works in concert with psychotherapists who specialize in disordered eating and research scientists seeking to fine-tune her approach via evidence.



remski-headMatthew Remski is a prolific author and online journalist who teaches the philosophy portion of several yoga teacher trainings. He is perhaps most well-known in the yoga world for two things: daring to publish an updated “remix” of Patanjali’s yoga sutras (Threads of Yoga), that suggested ideas and principles more embracing of our humanity and the natural environment, and for an article he wrote about the severe hip injury of contortionist Instagram star Kino McGregor, and the implications for a social media yoga culture that fetishizes extreme flexibility. As a journalist, Matthew also broke the story of the tragic death of Ian Thorsten, and it’s bizarre cultish context involving renegade Buddhist teacher, Michael Roach. He has been conducting a deep research project called WAWDIA (What Are We Doing In Asana?) that explores the history of yoga in the West, and attitudes toward the body, pain, teacher-student abuse, and spiritual progress. Matthew’s curious and honest inquiry combine with his love of language to make any conversation with him a compelling ride.

  • Matthew Remski’s fascinating interview is up now! Login quickly and easily HERE using either Facebook or Google+ to watch the full length hour long video and contribute to the discussion in the comments section!

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