Excerpt: Matthew Remski, WAWADIA & Yoga As Dismemberment..

wawadia-dudeI really enjoyed this stimulating  interview with Matthew Remski.

We talked about:

* The “open-ness bias” in yoga with regard to extreme flexibility being linked to ideas of spiritual attainment and psychological well-being
* The legacy of ascetic attitudes toward the body, corporal punishment in the formative years of yoga as a trans-national practice, and
* The emergence of a new paradigm in mind-body psychology that is neuroscience-driven and about interoceptive embodiment.

Watch the below 8 minute excerpt about the WAWADIA (What Are We Really Doing In Asana?) Project and the sustainability of a yoga  culture organized around images of extreme flexibility, as well as a few thoughts about Matthew’s interview with Kino McGregor  OR just login using FB or G+ now to see (and even participate in)  the entire 60 minute conversation… (** NOTE: if you got here via the FB app on your iPhone, you will need to now go to your non-FB browser, like Safari, in order to login and view this content..)

Next up in this round of interviews — Jill Miller, Jules Mitchell, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Chelsea Roff, Ted Meissner and Elisha Goldstein.

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