The FBY Interview: Jill Miller

Jill Miller is an innovator and integrator who has a had a huge impact on the intersection between yoga, manual therapy/bodywork, and fitness.

She has developed not her only her own approach to the body that has crossed over into being widely acclaimed in each of the above disciplines, but also specialized equipment, and methods of updating how we think about, teach and further evolve yoga practice.

You can learn more about Jill’s extensive body of work HERE.jill-ball

In Part One we talk about the history Jill and I share that goes back 20 years to the packed and hot little asana room of Anna Forrest’s yoga studio, and how her work began to take shape via her initial fascination with the core, intestinal health, and recovery from an eating disorder.

She shares the powerful pivotal experience that changed everything for her, as well as the newer layers of healing and integration she is currently discovering via somatic psychology.

I was really touched by Jill’s willingness to be so open and vulnerable about this personal material and how it has shaped her work in the world with others.

We also tracked her early days starting to teach at a gym (which she initially had huge aversion toward) —and inadvertently discovering herself as an entrepreneur when she started duplicating and selling a video tape she had made for her Mom’s shoulder issues, and realized she could create “yoga tune ups” for different areas of the body that were accessible to not only yogis but also people with more of a fitness vocabulary.

The way Jill describes her understanding of integrative translation, context and speaking to people in terms they can understand is pure gold for teachers and communicators.



In Part Two, Jill opens up about her mentor, Glenn Black, and his approach to hands on bodywork in yoga, and how this led to her method of having people practice self-massage in her yoga workshops to heighten body awareness and healing.  I am so impressed by the bold moves she made, as she started developing her Yoga Tune Up® balls and bringing them in to how she was teaching.  We also touch on her new work around states of bliss and what she calls “tolerance for parasympathy” in terms of working directly with the autonomic nervous system, and how she encourages teachers she trains to keep innovating and developing her work.


5 thoughts on “The FBY Interview: Jill Miller

  1. I love both of you.

    I think my experience with Julian as a teacher in my first Teacher Training, and working with (and learning from, and occasionally having a drink with) Jill Miller was the beginning of me finding my true Los Angeles home.

    To watch the two of you discuss your craft is once again, teaching me more, but also making me feel like I am a part of a group of people that I respect so much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. thanks so much for your kind words and fond reminiscences,jen! rosanne, who was in that training that started 3 days after 9/11 was on my most recent retreat, as a first timer! she just started coming back to class after raising her son! so we were talking about you and the other folks who were in that training just this past weekend 🙂

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