Kathryn Bruni-Young on Mindful Strength: Evolving Yoga Practice

Kathryn Bruni-Young is part of the “yoga renaissance” mentioned by Laurel Beversdorf in our interview —a new group of bold teachers, each breaking new ground and  evolving how we think about, construct, teach and practice yoga based on exercise science, anatomy, and research into biomechanics. Drawing from the rich tapestry of human movement, including having a prominent Ashtanga teacher mom (Diane Bruni) and training with Ido Portal, Kathryn’s method is called Mindful Strength. 

She shares the through-line I am finding in each of these new wave of teachers dedicated to pragmatism over idealism, research over tradition, cross-disciplinary integration over lineal purism, and a deep investment in sustainable modern bodily health and enjoyment over ancient disembodied transcendentalism.

Coming up next in what is turning out to be the new FBY Series: Yoga Renaissance, are Trina Altman, Ariel Foster, Bea Johnson, and another interview with Jules Mitchell, alongside Kathryn and Laurel.

Please enjoy listening to this podcast episode!

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