Brea Johnson: Heart & Bones Yoga

In this enthusiastic and fun discussion Brea and I explore the “questions beneath the questions” and our shared affinity for opening up into the uncertainties required of growing in new ways by tolerating tension and vulnerability —the friction of growth…

Topics of anatomy, injury, science, and the ongoing evolution of how we think about, teach and practice continue in this FBY Series: The Yoga Renaissance.

She shares about her “existential crisis” around practicing and teaching yoga that pushed her toward deepening her own education about the body.

Questions of how to integrate and balance the relationships between the deeply experiential, interior side of yoga practice (which for Brea is the Heart aspect of Heart and Bones) with a scientific approach to anatomy and biomechanics (the Bones aspect) are central to our discussion, which explores:

  • Problems with the “you are not your body” belief.
  • The loss of inner work that can happen if we are overly focused on scientific data to the exclusion of honoring the value of experiential immersion.
  • Authoritarian dogma in the yoga world.
  • How a healthy scientific attitude is always one of inquiry, uncertainty, and being open to where the evidence leads us.
  • The courage required to take the “harder path” of not settling on thinking we have found the one true way, teacher, belief system, or perfect set of asana cues and techniques.
  • Awareness practice as a way to move through our reflexive need to protect ourselves psychologically by buying into dogma or idealizing authority figures.
  • Epistemological curiosity and rigor around how we know what we know in different domains of inquiry.

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